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Protect your business name, logo or slogan. Our services include:

  • A comprehensive search of all trademark databases
  • Preparation and filing of your trademark
  • Ongoing protection of your trademark from abuse

Intellectual Property

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Whether you need a patent, trademark or copyright, we can help make the process easy and affordable (include Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)

Trademark Search

Check the availability of a name, slogan or symbol you want to trademark.

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Trademark Application

File for exclusive right to a name, slogan or symbol that identifies your brand.

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Trademark Refusal & Analysis

Analyze official refusal grounds and advice on the chances of success of review

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Trademark Renewal

Extend your trademark right when the validation period is due

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Trademark Monitoring

Regular infringement check for your trademark right

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Apply Via WIPO

Apply your mark via WIPO to designate countries you think necessary

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Why do I need a comprehensive search?

A comprehensive search not only helps you to know whether your mark is registrable in China also helps to clear whether any third party filed your mark with bad faith. Based on the search results, the lawyer can provide detailed analysis and suggestions.

Why do I need an attorney to analyze?

Based on the search results, a decent lawyer can give a prediction on whether a trademark is registrable and provide relevant solutions to marks which have risks of being refused.

Here's Why

It’s about your rights

If your mark is not registered in China, you have no right to prohibit others using your mark.

It’s about your marketing

Trademark protection is the first step to enter China market. People would not buy products without a mark.

It's about your business

It will put your Chinese partners in legal risk of government penalty if without a mark.

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