Patent Research and Analysis

There are a number of reasons why you might to do a patent search. For instance, if you think you’ve invented something really cool, you can freely search patent ideas online and find out if your product is available to be filed as a patent or if someone else had patent it priory. Some things that may help you with your patent search are some definitions and terms that you may or may not be familiar with, what is or isn’t patentable, and how to get a China patent.


Technique panorama

We use patent and technical documentation to comprehensively understand a particular technical field, which can help the R&D department to better understand where is the technical blank and intensive points in this field, and also determine the potential direction of R&D. For company administrators, such understanding helps to find the right object to purchase and then rapidly improve the techonology level of the company by acquisition.

Competitor Monitor

Patent search and analysis service helps to evaluate the competitors in a particular field via patent and techinical documentation. In this way, the strong and weak points of the competitors could be found, which helps the company administrators to draw up R&D strategy and company management strategy more precisely.

Use evidence search

We could search and compare the released products with related documentation to find out the techinque characteristics which fall into the protection scope of the client’s patent. Use evidence search helps the client to quickly lock on the potential licensee and support the license negotation.

Comparison of Patent with Standards

We will comprehensively study the standards in specific technical fields and compare the same with the client’s or the competitors’ patents. The results of the comparison can be used to support the license negotiation.

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Helpful Information

Patent search Definitions

Even though you are more than likely familiar with some of the following words, they might have slightly different meaning in this context.

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What is Patentable?

Now, let’s take a look at what inventions can be patented under each of these three different kinds of patents

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What Generally Can’t You Patent?

Now let’s look at things that, generally speaking, you cannot patent. These include merely changing an existing product’s size, form, or shape.

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