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CNPTLaw team has more than 100 patent attorneys, and provides patent services in China for worldwide clients in fields of Chemistry and Life Sciences, Electrical and Computer Sciences, Biotechnology, Communications and Computer technology, Mechanics etc.. The services include patent research, analysis, application, registration, invalidation and so on.

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Technical Fields

What’s the difference between a design patent and a utility patent?

A design patent protects the appearance of a product while a utility patent protects the product’s function. In other words, it is a “how it looks” versus “how it works” comparision. In addition, a utility patent can also protect a unique manufacturing process or chemical compound. An invention patent can sometimes be granted to protect both the unique design and the function, and the design does not influence the function.

Here's Why

It’s about a proven record:

Under China patent law, patent applications approved by China patent office will be kept in record. This can be used to testify that you are the patent right holder.

It’s about a united effort:

Intellectual Property is a team work. Registration for your rights is also a best protection of your teamwork.

It’s about your rights:

China law will only protect patent registered in its territory. You can gain the patent right through registration and such right will protect your benefits in the Chinese market.

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