Legal Services

IP related legal services are mainly divided to litigation services and non-litigation services. Litigation services refer to administrative litigation which affirms the patent/trademark rights and infringement litigation which deals with actual infringement in the market. Non-litigation services refer to investigations, warning letter and any other IP related legal services except litigation. CNPTlaw provides professional litigation and non-litigation services as to trademark, patent and copyright.

Litigation Services:

Trademark Administrative Litigation

Trademark administrative litigation is a way to gain or sustain your trademark right.

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Patent Administrative Litigation

Patent administrative litigation is a way to gain or sustain your patent right.

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Infringement Litigation

When you find anyone infringing your IP rights, you can file an infringement litigation

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Non - Litigation Services:

Trademark Investigation

Make an investigation against an infringer before taking further actions is sometimes of great importance.

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Patent Investigation

A patent investigation helps you in evaluating the market value of your inventions and finding if there is any risk.

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Warning Letter

Warning letter is an alternative way to stop infringement in a relatively peaceful manner before you file the litigation

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Contract Relating to IP Licensing or Assignment

IP Licensing and Assignment promotes the application and actual use of IP rights.

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