Protect Your IP with Only 3 Steps in China Customs

  • Only need to confirm the IP right that you need to protect (trademark, patent, copyright)
  • CNPTlaw will file the customs recordal via online system of China Customs Office
  • Complete the Customs Recordal


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You should know

Protect your IPR

The recordal of IPR will confirm you as the sole legal owner

Protect your Business

After recordal, any other products which involve your IPR imported or exported in China would be prohibited.

Save your Money

When the customs detect that any products infringing your IPR are clearing the customs, they will detain them actively, which will save your expense on investigation.

What is the valid period for IP recordal?

The IP recordal in General Administration of Customs (GAC) valids from the date of approval and is valid for 10 years. If the validity period of the IP right is less than 10 years after the approval, the validity period for the customs recordal will be the same as that of the IP right. If more than 10 years, the validity period for the recordal shall not exceed 10 years.

How can Manufacturer be listed as the legitimate user for IP recordal?

As a manufacturer or trader, maintaining your own rights is vital. In order to protect the legally authorized goods from being detained by customs, it’s necessary to examine whether the consignor is legally authorized to use that IP. In the meanwhile you should check out whether this IP has recorded in GAC(through the home page of Customs Recordal system). If so, you need to contact with consignor to list you (or the import & export company) in list of legitimate users, lest any delay in export clearance.

What advantage could I get after recordal?

  • Avoid illegal products  being imported to China and infringing your rights and benefit
  • Only need to file the customs recordal once and your right will be protected in all the local customs in mainland China.
  • Official protection