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The Paintor Still Enjoys the Right to Exhibit the Duplicate of the Artistic Work after Giving the Original to Others

If the copyright owner of a fine art work gives the original work to a commercial operator, the right to exhibit the original will belong to the recipient, but the right to exhibit the duplicate copy of the fine art still belong to the copyright owner. Without the authorization of the copyright owner, the exhibition of the duplicate copy in the business place with the possibility of being watched by the public will constitute infringement.

Trademark “BATTLESTAR GALACTICA” in Chinese & Latin characters” Invalidated by China Trademark Review and Adjudication Board for being Identical with a Universal Movie Name

The trademark “BATTLESTAR GALACTICA” in Chinese & Latin characters” filed in Class 28 was invalidated by China Trademark Review and Adjudication Board (TRAB) for being identical with a universal movie name. Though commercialization right of movie name or character is not an existing right as confirmed by Chinese laws, when such name/character can bring extra profits to the producer, its right should also be protected by the law.

Beijing High People’s Court Refused Trademark Containing “315”: The Mark Will Have Unhealthy Influence

The number “315” usually refers to “World Consumer Rights Day”and 12315 is a Consumer Complaint Hotline and Internet Platform. Beijing High People’s Court’s judgment holds that the use of the number “21315” as a trademark will dilute the recognition of “12315” as a public welfare hotline thus affect the protection of public’s benefits and having unhealthy influence on the public welfare and order.

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